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Follow the New Lift’s Construction

Weekly news of the construction site

Stoneham Mountain Resort will have a new quadruple fixed lift for the next season! This will increase the speed of the ascent for this area, modernize the facilities of the mountain and better serve the skiable terrain.

The project started on May 29. Follow the work on the field right here on the website of the resort! Every day, you can also see the progress of the construction site through thewebcams.


Week 1

Let’s go! The first days were devoted to the removal of the double chairs and cables, as well as the first stages of dismantling of the old lift towers.

Week 2

The team continued the dismantling of the double lift and the T-bar (motors, pulleys, cables …) and piloted an important operation by helicopter to repatriate all the towers at the base of the mountain. Our T-bar will also have a second life as Troll Ski Resort in British Columbia has acquired it. It will therefore take the road towards the West in September.

See our video of the helicopter operation.

Week 3

The team has withdrawn the “return” stations which are located at the different peaks of the old lifts. Excavation and shapes’ preparation for the loading and return stations of the new lift were also on the agenda. The site is progressing well!

Week 4

The team continued the excavation to take in the boarding and the return stations of the new lift. Excavation for future towers as well as drilling to start the setup of the base tower frames occupied much of last week’s work.

Weeks 5 & 6

The work has been concentrated on assembling the structures to allow the concrete casting of all towers.

Weeks 7,8 & 9

During the last weeks, the works have consisted of the casting of the concrete bases for the boarding and return stations as well as the ones for the towers located on the lift trail.

Weeks 10 & 11

The teams have backfilled the land at the boarding and the return stations. The next step is to assemble the structures and equipment in the factory. It is once this will be completed that we will be able to observe the installation taking place at the mountain.

Weeks 12, 13 14 & 15

The towers are being assembled in the Doppelmayr factory, and will be delivered to the mountain once they are completed. We have also received and installed the cabins of the boarding and return stations.

Weeks 16-17

The towers were delivered at the mountain for the final assembling. They will be installed in the coming weeks.

Week 18

The towers have been installed. The towers 8 to 13 were carried and installed with an helicopter. The project respects all the projected deadlines and the lift will be ready for the opening of the skiable terrain under it. Next step: Installing the boarding and arrival stations at the base and the summit of the mountain.

Weeks 19-20-21

We have received, assembled and installed the boarding and arrival stations at the base and the summit of the mountain. The structure of the boarding carpet, which will allow us to maximise the chairlift speed, is also in place. Next: the steel cable and the chairs will be put in place.

Week 22

The cable and chairs have been installed, and the Doppelmayr team cinducted the final loading tests at the beginning of the week. The lift will be handed to Stoneham’s team in the comming days for more tests and staff trainning. The lift will be operating sporadically until its official inauguration on December 23rd.